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Creative Director - Multimedia Digital  Artist

Shahrokh Nael

Creative Director - Multimedia Digital Artist

Born in Iran in 1966, Shahrokh Nael displayed an affinity for the visual arts and moving images from an early age – exploring a range of creative disciplines in order to better understand the expressive potential that underpins each of them.

He obtained a BA in Visual Arts and Culture (with a specialisation in Moving Images/Video Installation) from Salford University in 1999, and set up in 2001 to showcase his ever-expanding portfolio of commercial work – currently spanning an array of print, digital and film media sources.

Having harboured a passion for the cinematic medium since childhood – and particularly the innovative efforts of the Hong Kong studios active throughout his youth – Shahrokh later sought to develop his skills in this particular field of expertise. He established the website in 2011 to exhibit his upcoming series of short films, and then in 2012 completed a Masters Degree in Filmmaking from Manchester Metropolitan University – graduating with a distinction. This extensive exploration of film production has not only allowed Shahrokh to broaden his creative horizons, but has infused his still creations with an energy and dynamism that sets them apart from the work of his contemporaries.

In 2016 Shahrokh was awarded and won The best Action & Thriller category of Hollywood International Moving Picture Film Festival and The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. His experimental animation work titled “Obsolescence” was also selected and short listed by LABF London Film Festival.

Today Shahrokh works with those clients he feels are best served by his particular artistic vision – seeking to harness his diverse skill-set and eclectic life experience in order to produce superior creative work, without any additional nonsense.



- Design & Illustration
- Film & Photography
- Script Writing
- Character Development
- Storyboarding and Visualisation
- Art Direction
- Motion Graphics
- 2D Animation


Lamp - The Life Story of the Ba'b
Jul 2008 Century Press Publications
Bahá'í Publications Australia

Designers’ Self Promotion
Jan 2003 Duncan Baird Publishers
Duncan Baird Publishers HBI Harpercollins Publishers New York 2003

Type 5 Typographics / Graphic Fusion
Jan 2003 Duncan Baird Publishers
Duncan Baird Publishers HBI Harpercollins Publishers New York 2003

Computer Arts Magazine
Jan 2001 Computer Arts Magazine
Issue Jan 2001

Jan 2000 Egmontworld, Ltd Cheshire, Uk
Children Illustrated book


Tin Bath - Animation
Aug 2018 Feel The Reel IFF
Runner up for the Best animation.

Obsolescence- Animation
Oct 2016 LABF
Festival Official Selection - London

Le'a / Polaroid Notes - Short Film
Dec 2015 Laiff
Winner at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival in Action and Thriller category.

Le'a / Polaroid Notes - Short Film
Dec 2015 HIMPFF
Winner at Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival in Action and Thriller category.

Obsolescence - Animation
Sep 2015 HOME - Greater Manchester Arts and independent Film Centre
Official selection for screening of short films made by North West filmmakers

Radiohead Philip Selway- Sample DIY
Sound+Vision: Northumberland- R Video
Official selection

Martial Art Practitioner

Shahrokh Nael

Martial Art Practitioner

In addition to his production and creative commitments, Shahrokh has remained a dedicated martial arts practitioner – having first been inspired by the ground-breaking Chinese movies he revered as a boy. To date he has obtained a 3 rd degree black belt in Shaolin Kung fu and established himself as a popular instructor – passing on the valuable insights he feels he has gained from his training to another generation of students. As part of his research and practices, he has established Jiu Fa Quan (Nine Methods Fist) currently taught in Manchester.


Shahrokh’s research and practices are also focused on Hong Kong films and Cinema. As an associate lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, Shahrokh has helped and taught undergrad BA film students on understanding of a fight scene in a structured Narrative. Due to current workload, Shahrokh will only accepts a limited number of booking for this academic year.

Seminars / Lectures / Workshops
For Universities and academic institutes

Title : Illusion of Physical Combat
Type: Theory and Practice
Duration: Full day Session

Course Structure:

  1. - History of Fight Choreography and Fighting on Film
  2. - Understanding the difference between Sport, Art and Self Defence
  3. - Understanding the differences between Styles and Types of Fighter
  4. - The Narrative Structure and Elements of a fight Scene
  5. - Physical Elements of the Fight Scene
  6. - The Technical Elements of a Fight